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The Cigar Tube – Good Idea or Not?

Cigar Tube

The Cigar Tube – Good Idea or Not?

Perhaps you have seen some of the finest cigars in special tubes. This may be a very good idea, but on the other hand, is it a good way to store a fine smoke? Let’s look at the long and the short of the cigar tube, and see if we can’t come up with an answer.

The Good

Are you thinking of giving someone you know, the gift of a special cigar? A cigar tube might be the perfect container. They are great for “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a girl” new baby cigars. Tubes are quite elegant in appearance and offer something unique. Your cigar gift will look very special as the tube helps to accent all the good features of a fine smoke.

There is something about being encased in a tube which says, “Timelessness”. Maybe it’s because tubes look like time capsules. When you encase something in glass (or hard plastic which looks like glass) it’s like placing a trophy or award in a display case. Items behind glass are somehow unaffected by the passing of time, and maintain their pristine glory and appeal. This show case appearance may be the one of the best reasons to choose the cigar tube.

Tubes are an excellent idea for the man with no humidor. For example, a fine cigar is placed in a tube under a controlled atmosphere. As long as the tube remains 100 percent sealed, this should protect the cigar and allow it to age for some time. However, there is a vast difference of opinion on how long one should leave a cigar inside a tube. Many people believe a year is the limit, but cigars have been known to keep in tubes for many years with no problems.

Tubes are great for the traveler. They will protect the cigar and keep it fresh at the same time. Plus, there is no need for a cigar case.

The Bad

When you buy great cigar, you are probably paying extra for the cigar tube, so you can usually save money by not taking the “tube” option. Some tubes may not seal properly, so you might not be able to age a fine cigar in a tube.

The Solution

A cigar tube appears to have many more good points than bad. However, to solve the issue once and for all, buy tubes for special reasons and travel. If you plan to keep tube cigars very long, place them in your humidor, and if space is a problem, remove the cigars from the tubes before storing.

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